Canadian Solar Infrastructure Fund, Inc.




Portfolio Data

As of August 16, 2022

Number of properties acquired
Total acquisition price
Total electrical output from the solar panels

Changes in Asset Size

As of August 16, 2022

(million yen)

Portfolio Breakdown

As of August 16, 2022

Investment ratio by acquisition price

Investment ratio by region

(Note 1) “Tariff” denotes the value (exclusive of amounts equivalent to consumption taxes and local consumption taxes) prescribed in the specified contract for each asset to have been acquired with an effective date as of the date of acquisition.
(Note 2) “Ratio” denotes the ratio of total acquisition price of assets to have been acquired, which are categorized under each item, over the aggregate price of all assets to have been acquired (on a acquisition price basis).
(Note 3) “Hokkaido and Tohoku” denote Hokkaido, Aomori-ken, Iwate-ken, Akita-ken, Miyagi-ken, Fukushima-ken and Yamagata-ken. “Kanto” denotes Ibaraki-ken, Tochigi-ken, Gunma-ken, Tokyo-to, Kanagawa-ken, Saitama-ken, Chiba-ken Yamanashi-ken, Nagano-ken and Niigata-ken. “Tokai” denotes Shizuoka-ken, Aichi-ken, Gifu-ken, Mie-ken, Toyama-ken, Ishikawa-ken and Fukui-ken. “Chugoku and Shikoku” denote Okayama-ken, Hiroshima-ken, Yamaguchi-ken, Tottori-ken, Shimane-ken, Kagawa-ken, Kochi-ken, Tokushima-ken and Ehime-ken. “Kyushu” denotes Fukuoka-ken, Oita-ken, Miyazaki-ken, Kagoshima-ken, Kumamoto-ken, Nagasaki-ken, Saga-ken and Okinawa-ken.
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