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Public companies have been recently expected to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities in “Environment”, “Social”, and “Governance” (“ESG”) aspects. Their approach to deal with the issues has been important to investors because they have used it to judge a medium- to long-term risk factor from a standpoint of “Socially Responsible Investment” (“SRI”). At the same time, the way they handle the issues has begun to be evaluated as a factor that facilitates their sustainable growth.

Canadian Solar Asset Management K.K. (“CSAM”) serves as an asset manager of Canadian Solar Infrastructure Fund, Inc. (“CSIF”) which invests mainly in renewable energy power generation facilities. Canadian Solar Project K.K. (“CSP”) is a developer of PV projects and a sponsor for CSIF and CSAM. CSAM together with CSP has contributed to building a sustainable economic society in local regions while paying a great attention to the global environment. Thus, CSAM has run its asset management business with its focus on the environmental aspect among the ESG initiatives. In addition, CSAM fully recognizes that considering the social and governance aspects in the asset management operations is also deemed extremely important by investors and fund managers in Japan and overseas with a focus on SRI. Under such circumstances, CSAM believes that active, appropriate disclosure of information about its initiatives will be more important going forward; therefore, CSAM set forth its“Approach into UN PRI” as ESG basic policy late December of 2020.

CSAM has facilitated the “Contribution to the Global Environment” via an increased installment of renewable energy facilities in Japan since IPO of CSIF. Going forward, CSAM would like to make an opportunity for SRI available for investors by “Realizing A Sustainable Society” and “Vitalizing A Regional Society” as for the social and governance aspects.

January of 2022

Canadian Solar Infrastructure Fund, Inc.
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Canadian Solar Asset Management K.K.
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