Canadian Solar Infrastructure Fund, Inc.




Investment Highlights

1The growth potential of the Investment Corporation, which is sponsored by developers of solar power generation facilities with extensive track records in Japan

The Canadian Solar Group that operates globally
A rich portfolio of sponsors, including a developer of large-scale solar power generation facilities
Coordination with a vertical integration model, which covers the process from the manufacture of solar modules to the development and operation of solar power generation facilities

2Taking advantage of a high level of sponsor management capability in pursuing the growth of the Investment Corporation

Introduction of high-quality solar modules manufactured by the Canadian Solar Group
Taking advantage of expertise in the planning and development of solar power generation facilities that was cultivated in the global market
Use of O&M services to reduce operational risk and operational cost

3Stable cash flow based on feed-in tariff (FIT), robust financial strategy and reasonable distribution policy

Stable cash flow that takes advantage of FIT, etc. based on Japan’s medium- and long-term energy policy
Growth strategy and reasonable distribution policy based on robust financial strategy and with a focus on reinvesting the amount equivalent to depreciation
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